Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Who doesn't like leopard prints?  I love them but I don't have that bold personality to  pull it off, you have to have a little attitude to go with it right!  So I don't usually do those much in my mani, but every now and then I hear the animal in my calling so I have to let it out, and do it in style too.
I think gradient is the best way to spice up your nails.  
Anywho, Jessie from @jessiedoesnails recently had a birthday and again a bunch of us nail crazies wanted to show her some love by recreating some of her amazing manis.  I picked the rainbow leopard prints that Jessie did a while ago.  
How amazing looking is this! Isn't it eye catching?  
Boii Cosmetics came out with a new neons line and they are fabulous.  You can check out her store here
I have used a lot of Monique's products and they are just as good as OPI, Essie, or Chinaglaze from any drug stores.  She also has latex glue (a barrier that you put on your skin to protect it from the mess of doing gradients or watermarbling) fro a reasonable price.  
Here is a closer look.  
Sadly I accidently deleted the video from my camera so no video to show how I did this.  Yes I kicked myself for it.  

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I love to go camping in the early Summer because it's not as hot as the end of Summer, especially here in TX where's it's not even safe to go outside in August.  My most favorite thing about camping is staying up late to roast marshmallows and laying outside to see the stars.  One year  we camped on the banks of the Columbia river in WA and we saw so many shooting stars.  It just makes the world even more fascinating.  
We had challenge/prompt on IG to create something with landscape, and I chose to do the night sky.  I didn't know where, what or how I was going to make it.  I just played with the acrylic paints and went with it.  Honestly, it didn't look all that great until I added the holo top coat and the big stars. I was so shocked with the results.  
All this was created using acrylic paints and finished off with a good top coat.  
You can watch a super fast tutorial here
You can watch the full version on youtube here

Friday, April 22, 2016


Hi guys, I have some reviews to share with you today.  Glam Polished contacted me and wanted me to swatch a few polishes for them.  I've seen their polishes around on IG and it looks great, but I have never tried it out or ordered any.  One of the main reason I have ordered from them or any other Indie polishes is that we're saving every penny to take out family to Hawaii this Summer.  So I was super excited to try out their polishes.  Well, I wasn't disappointed.  The polishes are great and the formulas are perfection!

The King Collection is a tribute to the King of Rock and Roll...Elvis Presley himself

There are nine polishes in all but I got to try out four.

Can’t Help Falling In Love - Royal Blue scattered holo with holographic microfalkies and shimmering glass flecks. 
A very shallow depth of field so show the sparkles from this baby.
Viva Las Vegas - Blingy Rainbow Holographic hex and microglitter mix in a holographic base
 A party in a polish

If I Can Dream - Off White Crelly Holographic with ultra holo glitter.
 A good top coat really brings out the spakles

Always On My Mind - Cadillac Pink Crelly Holographic with ultra holo glitter.
 This is my absolute favorite.  I'm wearing this right now, in fact I've been wearing it the last couple of days.  That is unusual for me since I change polishes everyday. 

See more from this collection here

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I've guess I'm your typical girl, who likes girly things.  Pink and White have to be my favorite colors, I love clothes, and I love to paint my nails.  I didn't do it as much until about over a year ago when I got into nailart and discovered a whole community of ladies who love everything nails like I do.  My main thing was freehand, but then I discovered this thing called watermarbling.  My first time seeing it was this petal pattern, and I knew I wanted to learn to do that.  I tried, tried, and tried some more, and I think I even did some crying over it.  I just could not get it for the life of me.  I tried using Spring water, bottle water, and tap water.  NOTHING worked.  The frustration, frustration everywhere.  I even texted my friend about using my own pee :)

In time I learned how and what makes the polish spread and behave the way I want it.  
This is the design that I always wanted to do.  Now that I've mastered this one I hardly ever do it much anymore.  I guess lots of people love this one too and it is used way too many times.  But when they come out this good I kick myself for not doing it more.

A closer look and you can see the shimmers in the polishes.
These polishes are a must if you are like me who want to watermarble. 

I'll share my tips and tricks from my many trials and errors in a future post.

If you want to see how this was done check IG for a really short version
for you can watch it on YouTube on the whole process.

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I don't usually like dirty things but these Dirty Neons from Nativewarpaints makes getting dirty fun.  
These polishes were made for watermarbing and if you watermarble you know that finding polishes that spreads in the water can be a challenge.  I was sent these bad babies to try out and I'm in love.  I've played around with them so much last week that I've used 1/8 of the bottle.  That doesn't sound like much but I have polishes that I've haven't use that much in the drawers.  

Here they are
 There are 6 polishes in the collection.  You can preorder them midnight on April 22nd.  Preorder will end at 11:59pm April 30th.

 This is Plutonium a mute neon teal with pink shimmer

This one is purple leaning, muted, neon pink, with turquoise shimmer. 

 Radioactive is a muted red neon with orange/gold shimmer.

Nuclear a muted neon orange with green shimmer.

 Fallout a muted yellow neon with blue shimmer

Uranium a muted neon green with orange shimmer. 

If you love polishes and love to watermarble or even want to try it out give these babies a try.  

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wendy's Birthday Mani

Hi guys, today I have a special mani for you to celebrate on amazing gal I met on IG.  Her name is Wendy @stuckonlacquer.  She is super supportive and crazy talented.  Her freehand skillz are out of this world.  Go check her out.  
To celebrate her birthday a few girls and I on IG decided to recreate some of Wendy's design.  At this moment she is really into black, gray, and white, so we all decided to stick to those colors.  I picked this one because it's a lot easier to do than her other ones.  
I used Liquid Leather from Chinaglaze as the base, then used white acrylic paints to draw the rose and filled the center of it.  
See how it's done here

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If you live in TX you know what a beautiful sight it is right now.  The freeway and highways are filled with bluebonnet and other wild flowers, the sight is just breath taking.  I seriously will drive myself off the road because I keep looking at the flowers and not the road.