Saturday, April 2, 2016


There was a challenge on Instagram last week and the prompt for the challenge was Favorite Seasons. I thought long and hard about that and I can't seem to pick a favorite season.  There is something good in each season. 
 I love Winter because of the sight and sounds that comes with it.  Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and of course the food.  
Spring brings rain, flower blossoms, and if you live in TX the beautiful sight of Blue Bonnets.  It's also a reminder that Summer is just around the corner.  
Summer, I love the long carefree days.  It's the one season that I get to hang with my kids all day.  Our favorite place to hang out is at a water park, and our family vacations.
Fall brings the beginning of another school year and the reminder that I only have my kids for a few more years, so I have to make the best of my time with them.  Halloween is my second favorite holiday, it's very close to Christmas.  I loved it when my boys were younger they would look forward for me to make their costumes,  Now, I can't sew, but they seem to love everything I made for them.  That always made me feel like I'm doing something right.  
So I decided to do all four seasons as my favorite season.  Hope you guys like it.

For my tutorial I only did the Summer portion, but the technique is the same
For the base polish I used
Super Star from Pureice
Acrylic paints for the designs
I used 2 different top coats. I first apply 'Top With Love' from Shoploveangeline
and once that dries I applied 'Matte About You' from Essie to give it a matted look.  
You can watch how it's done on IG or YouTube

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