Thursday, April 7, 2016


Today I have some swatches to share from Kathleen & Co.  Mia the owner and creator of these polishes contacted me about trying her polishes.  I checked out her website and the polishes and page looked really nice.  I, of course said yes.  Not until then I have never heard of her brand, but from what I saw I thought they might be nice.  Well, they are!!!  
Mia is a licensed nail tech, she has always loved polishes.  About a year ago she decided that she wanted her own salon and wanted to carry her own polishes.  She named her brand after her mom (so sweet) who was her biggest supporter.  

 This beautiful yellow is called 'Lemon Drop'  
 'Green Electroland' reminds me of Keylime pie...yummy
And the last one is called 'Rose Gold-Digger' 
These are so gorgeous and they make me want to go to some fancy dinner and show them off.  The next time I go on a date, this will be on my nails. 

Not only are the polishes amazing but the bottles they come in are beautiful too.  If you're ever in the market for polishes, check Mia out here.

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