Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wendy's Birthday Mani

Hi guys, today I have a special mani for you to celebrate on amazing gal I met on IG.  Her name is Wendy @stuckonlacquer.  She is super supportive and crazy talented.  Her freehand skillz are out of this world.  Go check her out.  
To celebrate her birthday a few girls and I on IG decided to recreate some of Wendy's design.  At this moment she is really into black, gray, and white, so we all decided to stick to those colors.  I picked this one because it's a lot easier to do than her other ones.  
I used Liquid Leather from Chinaglaze as the base, then used white acrylic paints to draw the rose and filled the center of it.  
See how it's done here

Thanks for stopping by.

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