Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Good afternoon, today I'll be showing you my  newest creations.  For almost a year now I've been doing a watermarbling challenge.  It is called watermarblepracticewednesday, as you can guess it is on Wednesday thatwe post our pics.  For today's challenge the prompt was gradient base, so I decided to go with a radial gradient.  To add some spice to it I did a swirl marbling on top.
As you can see it came out so beautifully.  I had to redo my pointer a few times because I somehow got a lot of black in the water.  There's always one finger to give you trouble right, way to keep interesting.
Here's a closer look
Seriously how gorgeous this!

Polishes for the gradient were 'Hula Hula' 'Hibiscus' 'Pacificus'
For the watermarbling 'Oil Slick' Salon Perfect, 'Super Star' Pureice (I used this also for my white base) and 'Clear Water'
Watermarbling tool Pure Color #7
Make-up sponge

See how it's done on IG or the full version on YouTube

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