Monday, March 28, 2016


So let me be frank, I'm not a great writer, I can't even use the word great, I'm an ok writer is better. I learn through my eyes, but expression my thoughts is not my strong point. So my post will be mostly be pictures, and very little writing. Another thing I need to get out is my grammar isn't good either. All the s'es and ed's are driving me crazy, I never know when to put the s' in the right place. Now that you've been warned, thank you for visiting my blog with its flaws and all.

 Last week I did this Antique Rose nails and I feel head over heal in-love with it. I almost cried when I had to take them off. This is one of those Mani that will get done more than once a year.

Seriously how gorgeous is this!! Be warn I'll be using words like awesomenss, epicness, or gorgeousness, just in case you happen to see them in the future.

A closer look at this awesomeness, you've been warned.
This may look complicated, but it's very simple to do.
Products were: 
White polish
Acrylic paint
Stamping plate from @clearjellystamper
Stamping polish from @boiicosmetics and @monsterbundle
Top coats from @shoploveangeline
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  1. Seriously love this mani. I'm not a perfect writer either and working on setting up my blog now so we'll be awkward together lol.