Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I've guess I'm your typical girl, who likes girly things.  Pink and White have to be my favorite colors, I love clothes, and I love to paint my nails.  I didn't do it as much until about over a year ago when I got into nailart and discovered a whole community of ladies who love everything nails like I do.  My main thing was freehand, but then I discovered this thing called watermarbling.  My first time seeing it was this petal pattern, and I knew I wanted to learn to do that.  I tried, tried, and tried some more, and I think I even did some crying over it.  I just could not get it for the life of me.  I tried using Spring water, bottle water, and tap water.  NOTHING worked.  The frustration, frustration everywhere.  I even texted my friend about using my own pee :)

In time I learned how and what makes the polish spread and behave the way I want it.  
This is the design that I always wanted to do.  Now that I've mastered this one I hardly ever do it much anymore.  I guess lots of people love this one too and it is used way too many times.  But when they come out this good I kick myself for not doing it more.

A closer look and you can see the shimmers in the polishes.
These polishes are a must if you are like me who want to watermarble. 

I'll share my tips and tricks from my many trials and errors in a future post.

If you want to see how this was done check IG for a really short version
for you can watch it on YouTube on the whole process.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great one.

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