Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Who doesn't like leopard prints?  I love them but I don't have that bold personality to  pull it off, you have to have a little attitude to go with it right!  So I don't usually do those much in my mani, but every now and then I hear the animal in my calling so I have to let it out, and do it in style too.
I think gradient is the best way to spice up your nails.  
Anywho, Jessie from @jessiedoesnails recently had a birthday and again a bunch of us nail crazies wanted to show her some love by recreating some of her amazing manis.  I picked the rainbow leopard prints that Jessie did a while ago.  
How amazing looking is this! Isn't it eye catching?  
Boii Cosmetics came out with a new neons line and they are fabulous.  You can check out her store here
I have used a lot of Monique's products and they are just as good as OPI, Essie, or Chinaglaze from any drug stores.  She also has latex glue (a barrier that you put on your skin to protect it from the mess of doing gradients or watermarbling) fro a reasonable price.  
Here is a closer look.  
Sadly I accidently deleted the video from my camera so no video to show how I did this.  Yes I kicked myself for it.  

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