Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Petal/Floral Watermarble

Watermarbling a technique that  every nail artist wants to master.  It is a tricky little creature that has to be tamed every time.  Your water and polishes have to be the room temperature and you can be in any drafty places (learned that first hand).  My nail station is under a vent so when the AC or Heater kicks in my WM goes south.  So basically when I'm WM I'm either extremely hot or extremely cold.  In TX we never know what kind of weather we are getting.

There are so many techniques to WM and this happens to be the most liked and most desired to accomplished.
 It is a little time consuming but the results are so rewarding.  It's like you accomplished something that not many people can do.  
Closer look

See video here
Watch it on YouTube here

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